Episode #9: Sherry Cameron-Berry

Divorce, Healing, and God’s Blessings

Sherry Cameron-Berry rounded


Recently divorced, 30 lbs over weight, high blood pressure, and digestive issues did not stop Sherry from changing her mindset and allowing God to heal the deepest parts of her life!


Matthew Chapter 6

Time of Need

Wellness is so much more than the food we eat.  Walk with Sherry as she shares her darkest moments enduring a painful divorce.

The Shift

Find out how by changing her mindset, Sherry changed her life by walking with God every step of the way.

Recommended Book

Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman

Top 3 Simple Suggestions

1. Have a committed time with God first thing every morning.

2. Exercise. Become active.

3. Start paying attention to the foods you are eating.  Stay away from processed and toxic foods, and begin to eat more whole foods that are plant based. Also, drink more water.

 Links to Visit

Sherry’s website:  www.agapeholisticwellness.com

Sherry’s FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/agapeholisticwellness/

Sherry’s email: sherryberry@agapeholisticwellness.com

Sherry’s contact #: 713-409-2245

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  1. Lanette says:

    You are the most strongest Woman I know!! Even threw it all you mange to stand I am so amazed at how no matter what You continue to Praise God even in the mist of troubles.. God will never give you more that you cant or couldnt handle You’ve given me positive encouragement threw the Darkest time in my life and I thank you for that… God is PREPARING FOR SOMETHING AMAZING

    ..I LOVE YOU

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