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Michelle Landry

CBHC, CHHC, B.Sc.(Nutr.Sc.)

Certified Biblical Health Coach

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Many people today feel that it is impossible to eat healthy AND enjoy life.  Certified Wellness Professional, Michelle Landry, would like you to “Think again”.  There is a way to have the best of both worlds! Michelle specializes in teaching real people how to eat healthy and manage their personal health conditions through simple lifestyle changes.

While on this journey to good health, Michelle guides people not only with her knowledge, but also by sharing her own personal experience.  As a woman diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and other auto-immune disorders in her own body, Michelle can relate to the pain and frustration that comes with a disabling condition and from riding the “prescription drug rollercoaster”.  Not only does she manage her medical conditions through whole foods and optimal supplementation, but she also guides her own daughter on her journey through Autism.  Through therapy and a whole food/gluten free lifestyle, her daughter has been able to avoid medications and become a well adjusted, socially integrated child.

Positive results have been seen in Michelle’s life.  As a result, she stands dedicated to this mindset and teaches her clients simple, easy to implement plans of action that help them regain and build their health.  In particular, Michelle feels passionate about helping people break their habits of calorie counting or food depravation.  Instead, she focuses on whole foods and personal choices that enhance the individual’s lifestyle and health.

Michelle offers a well rounded approach to health and wellness.  Her experience includes receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Science, training as a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and acquiring a Bible based foundation from the Biblical Health Institute where she became a Certified Biblical Health Coach. Michelle’s education and life experience work together to provide her clients with guidance and instruction from a knowledgeable health and wellness coach and mentor.

Becoming more pursuant of teaching opportunities, Michelle is now available to speak to groups on topics such as: A Healthy Body God’s Way, Healthy for a Purpose, and The Christian Women’s 5 Steps to Happy Hormones. In addition to her public speaking engagements, she offers a variety of services such as private and group Wellness Coaching, V.I.P. Intensive training, workshops and tele-seminars.  These resources enable her clients to change their habits and implement healthy eating with confidence.

After living in Tacoma, Washington for over 30 years, Michelle and her husband, Greg, recently moved their family to the warmer climate of Dallas, Texas.  Once settled, Michelle immediately found ways to share her knowledge and began teaching a high school Nutritional Science class and a Whole Foods Cooking class at her children’s home-school co-op.  She spends her free time exploring Farmers Markets, visiting local sites, and spending quality time with family and friends.

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